Wild Gypsy Tour is a tribe of rebel playmakers - fueled by community and passion - focused on cultivating women’s exclusive events for the unbridled spirits.


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wild {ˈwī(-ə)ld}- living in a state of nature; passionately eager or enthusiastic

gypsy {jip-see}- a nomadic or free spirited person; wanderer

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Wild Gypsy Tour (WGT) is an exclusive women’s-only community created for women, by women. After their first successful run in 2017 with the launch of the Wild Gypsy Tour Festival at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip®, WGT has grown into a unique platform that supports female-centered events and organizations like no other, combining the freedom of the past with the untapped spirit of the future.

Be a part of this original experience that unites women from all corners of the globe with the common desire to live, learn, ride and have fun!